The high requirements for physical vapor deposition (PVD) materials are determined by the coating technology in general and by the individual coating processes. Small grain size, homogeneity, density and purity are today’s state of the art prerequisites. However, more important is the ability to transfer newly developed prototypes with high reproducibility and at competitive costs into mass production.

u-fertigungFAST Metallurgy GmbH has developed a complete production line for the manufacturing of almost all metals, ceramics, MMC and CMC used for PVD coating in hard and wear resistant coatings and tribological coatings. In close cooperation with customers, FAST Metallurgy GmbH works on continuous improvement of existing materials and on the development of new coating materials. Our goals are the enhancement of the life time and maximization of the performance of the final
(coated) product.

The quality management of FAST Metallurgy GmbH guarantees premium quality standards in combination with highest delivery reliability. The cutting-edge rapid prototyping technology of FAST Metallurgy GmbH guarantees customers the same performance of the prototype and the series products.

In comparison to competitors, FAST Metallurgy GmbH offers short development time for new materials and hence enables customers to respond with highest flexibility and within the shortest possible time to market changes.

FAST Metallurgy GmbH assists its customers seeking and achieving competitive advantages with individually developed products that do not bear the disadvantage of significantly higher cost